Google Ads(PPC)

What is Google Ads (PPC)?

Google Ads offers a flexible online advertising platform for promoting products, services, and businesses to target audience effectively. Seamlessly blending into search results, mobile apps, videos, and websites, Google Ads becomes pivotal for achieving precision in digital marketing.

Empowering new businesses, Google Ads sharpens focus, customizes strategies, and quantifies outcomes, granting them an edge in the digital arena. Its user-friendly interface facilitates rapid campaign setup, ensuring quick access to the right audience and the ability to optimize campaigns for growth. Clients favor Corenet Tech India as their digital marketing agency for Google Ads due to their unwavering commitment to delivering proven results. Holding Google Certified Partner status, they provide expertise and full transparency, without binding contracts, while employing exclusive strategies. They meticulously measure all aspects of advertising to guarantee a fruitful, data-driven partnership.


Distinguishing themselves as pay-per-click (PPC) specialists, they transcend the conventional role of a PPC agency. As an official Google Partner, they boast rigorous certification in Google Ads, underscoring their proficiency in maximizing campaign effectiveness. Their expertise extends beyond standard practices, ensuring your online advertising endeavors benefit from cutting-edge strategies and a track record of extraordinary success.
PPC Campaign Management Services adopt a comprehensive approach to optimize Pay Per Click outcomes. This encompasses precise budget management, ensuring optimal allocation for keyword bidding and ad creation. Real-time campaign monitoring provides valuable insights for informed decision-making, while comprehensive reporting sheds light on performance, allowing for fine-tuning of strategies to maximize ROI. With budget management, keyword bidding, ad creation, and data-driven decision-making at their core, these services play a pivotal role in driving successful PPC campaigns and achieving your digital marketing objectives.


Paid Search Ads

In order to increase the visibility of their adverts on relevant search engine results pages (SERPs), businesses can use paid search advertising, a form of digital marketing approach. The most popular kind of paid search is pay-per-click advertising, or PPC.

Clients choose Corenet Tech India for paid text ads services because of its proven ability to deliver results. We precisely target the right audience, ensuring Immediate Results and Measurable ROI. With Controlled Budget management and an adaptable approach, Corenet Tech India provides a Competitive Advantage. Our strategies enhance Brand Awareness through Geo-Targeting, and they re-engage potential customers effectively with Remarketing tactics. This comprehensive approach fosters business growth by optimizing ad campaigns to reach the right people, at the right time, and within budget, ultimately driving success in the competitive digital landscape.


Display Ads

A type of online advertisement that combines text, images, and a URL that links to a website where a customer can learn more about or buy products. There are many ad formats. These ads can be static with an image or animated with multiple images, video, or changing text.
Clients choose Corenet Tech India for display ads services due to their commitment to driving business growth.

Their visually appealing ad designs enhance Brand Awareness and Visibility. With precise targeting, they reach the right audience and efficiently Retarget Interested Consumers. The ability to reach users on the go ensures wider reach. Corenet Tech India’s strategies effectively block out the competition and provide detailed tracking, allowing clients to easily measure the Effectiveness of their campaigns, ultimately ensuring a significant return on investment.

Social Media Ads

Social media advertising is a form of digital marketing that involves sending sponsored advertisements to your target audience through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Ads on social media are a quick and efficient approach to reach your target audience and expand your marketing initiatives.

Clients opt for Corenet Tech India for social media ads services, reaping substantial benefits for business growth. Their campaigns excel in increasing brand awareness and nurturing improved brand loyalty among audiences. With a user-friendly interface, they optimize conversion rates and efficiently boost leads, all at a low cost. Corenet Tech India’s in-depth analytics provide invaluable insights, allowing clients to make data-driven decisions, ensuring a significant return on investment while achieving a strong online presence and fostering customer engagement.


Google Shopping ads

Shopping ads display customers a photo of the product as well as a title, price, store name, and other information. These ads give users a clear impression of the product you’re selling before they click the ad, giving you more qualified leads.

Corenet Tech India leverages shopping ads to clients’ business growth. By strategically placing products and brands in the Google Shopping spotlight, We ensure heightened visibility and superior performance compared to text-based ads. This approach generates better-qualified leads through Google Ads. Our expertise makes Google Shopping management seamless, simplifying the process for clients. With Corenet Tech India, clients expand their reach significantly, tapping into a broader audience through Google Shopping Ads. This comprehensive strategy not only enhances online visibility but also drives business growth by optimizing product exposure and increasing brand recognition in the competitive digital landscape.


Google's Local Service Ads

Google’s new local service ads target small and medium businesses looking to reach local customers. These ads prominently display essential business details, following address, phone number, reviews, and hours, giving businesses an edge by showcasing vital information to potential customers ahead of competitors.

At Corenet Tech India, we harness the power of Google Local Services ads to drive substantial benefits for businesses. These ads significantly enhance visibility and generate more clicks by strategically targeting specific service areas and timings. One of the remarkable advantages is that you only pay for viable leads, ensuring cost-effective advertising. Moreover, the cost-per-lead transparency empowers businesses with clear insights into their marketing expenses. Additionally, the coveted Google Guarantee instills confidence in potential customers, boosting trust and credibility. With our expertise, businesses can tap into the full potential of Google Local Services ads to thrive in their local markets.

Gmail Sponsored Ads

Gmail Sponsored Promotions are a paid advertising format in the Google Display Network that allows marketers to deliver ads in their prospects’ inboxes. They are also known as Gmail Sponsored Ads, Gmail Ads, and Gmail Sponsored Promotion Ads. You’ve probably noticed these appear over all of your organic emails.

Corenet Tech India employs the Gmail sponsored ads solution to provide clients with a distinct edge by appearing directly in users’ Gmail inboxes. This non-intrusive style enables firms to contextually engage potential customers. Targeting options ensure that advertising are shown to the proper people, increasing relevancy and click-through rates. With compelling visuals and personalized messaging, Gmail ads enhance brand awareness and drive leads. Plus, performance metrics provide actionable insights, optimizing campaigns for cost-effectiveness. Gmail sponsored ads provide an effective, measurable way for clients to connect with their target market and achieve their business goals.


Driving Growth: Unleashing the Potential of Google Advertising for Your Business